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eTRI-TECH EE988DPG, ePIRRegister Sign + AV + Local Back-Up, Next Generation Digital Protection Unit

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      eTRI-TECH / EE988DPG 
        ePIR® + AV + Local Back-Up
        Next Generation Digital Protection Unit


    The innovatively designed eTri-Tech/EE988DPG, pure Digital Protection Unit is especially focused on compatibility, affordability and practicability for wide scale of Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. Based on an exclusive single chip solution platform, which includes our next generation ePIR technology for remarkable detection and performance. A local audible warning device is compatible with virtually all Alarm Control Panels providing supervision with backup for anti-destruction / anti-attack protection. eTri-Tech provides for a powerful distributed audible warning network as well as built-in a high intensity LEDs visual device-illuminator
    which increase the determent effect and enhance the captured video/CCTV images.

    • Equivalent Stability
      Better Practicability
      Built with Less Emissions


    • Powerful Ability
      Anti-Destruction & Attack
    • Affordability with LWMN
    • All in One Installation with Enhancement



    High Quality Motion Detector:
    Built in full ePIR functions and features

    Built-In a Sounder / Audible Warning Device:
    High peak sound output either direct trigger via  ACP or each individual sounder with cut-off time, repeatable by on broad ePIR control once ACP has been destroyed

    Visual Illumination and Indication
    High Intensity LED matrix with unique illumination control for video capture (60 seconds); generates further determent (fast flashing) effect

    Installation Method as simple as standard Device:
    Four wires standard connection: “+ - Alarm Siren”, compatible with virtually all alarm control panels and similar hardware

    Highly practical for “Neighbor-Watch Programs” across backed-up systems


    Local Warning Matrix Network (LWMN):
    Once more than one EE988DPG is in used they form a local warning matrix network that automatically increases the overall coverage

    ACP Back-up arrangement:
    Complete 24 hour (armed or disarmed) supervision via our exclusive eTri-Tech, automatic testing and self diagnostic capability

    Built-In Battery:
    9VDC standard or rechargeable type battery under MCU control with low battery monitoring

    Powerful Warning Force
    Distributed enunciator (LWMN) with combined audible and visual device-LEDs illuminator operates for normal alarm as well as ACP attack / destroyed conditions



    eTRI-TECH General Specifications
    ePIR Detection Method: Quad (Four element) ePIR Alarm Period: 2 sec Operating Humidity Range: Max 95% relative humidity
      Power input: 9.6 - 16Vdc Alarm Output Relay: N.C 28Vdc 0.1A with   non condensing
      Current Consumption: Standby: 16mA (± 5%)   10 Ohm in line resistor RFI Protection: 30V/m 10 - 6GHz
        Active with LED: 16mA (± 5%) Tamper Switch: N.C 28Vdc 0.1A with EMl Protection: 50,000V electrical
        Active w/o LED: 13mA (± 5%)   10 Ohm in line resistor   interference from lightning
      Detection Range: 60' x 60'; 100' x 13'w/LRCL(OPT) Warm Up Period: 35 sec (± 5 sec) White Light Immunity: up to 10,000 LUX
      LED Auto Disable: 30 minutes; extendible window Operating Temperature: 14º F to 122º F Pet Immunity: up to 65Lbs. (30Kg.)
        as required Storage Temperature: -22º F to 158º F Dimensions: 5″ x 2.5″ x 2″
    Sounder Output: 105db (±5) Operational Consumption: ≤100mA / 9-12 Vdc Cutoff Time (ACP OFF): 3 minutes, repeatable
    Back-Up Power Source: 9V Standard / Rechargeable Stand By: 48 HRS+    
    LED-Matrix Brightess Level: 24 LUX Operational Consumption: ≤50mA Cutoff Time (ACP OFF): 3 minutes, repeatable


    ePIR EE988DPG


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